Teams, Leadership and Coaching

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This book is exceptional in two ways:

It addresses the task of coaching teams and larger social systems, leadership environments, strategic and co-operative efforts in organisations. Most books on coaching relate to the face-to-face dialogues of personal development. This book broadens the setting of two persons into change, development and learning in wider contexts. It shows how coaching – the design, the support and challenge of learning processes – is done in such environments.

It makes use of art in highly creative ways as a means of explaining complex dynamics in teams and organisation. Art is also relevant to point at some other features of coaching leadership and teams. It seems like artists forever have addressed issues of organisation and the value of good relationships in life and in work. We can even learn from earlier pictorial attempts at formulating leadership and company values. And art is also used to imply that leadership, coaching and teamwork is less technique and tool-based than artistry.

The book turns to different audiences,

It is a work book for teams, full of examples and exercises to illustrate the theories. It aims for teams to stop and reflect on their relationships and their doings, their needs and current challenges.

It is a handbook for students who are learning the craft of coaching.

It is a gold-mine for consultants and learning coaches with its rich variety of themes, examples and approaches to all kinds of coaching needs.

The book is abundant with its collection of organisational dimensions. This is not a step-by-step instruction book, it is more baroque in its scope like a Christopher Nolan movie or a ceiling painted by Tiepolo. It aims to provide guidance in the complex dynamics of social systems and organisational life.

Choose a path of your own through the book. Let it last for a long time.