logo_pequenoThe meaning of this figure is simple. It is Thot, the scribe in Egyptian mythology, the god of wisdom and eloquence. He is holding the Eye of Horus in his left hand and with his right hand signifying its importance. Horus was having a fight for life with Seth, who is the devil in Egyptian mythology. During that fight Horus’ eyes were ripped out and torn into pieces by Seth who scattered them all over Egypt. Horus’ mother Isis spent forever to gather all the pieces and to put them together so that Horus could see again. Therefore the eye of Horus symbolises “putting together that which was broken into pieces”. All these things in combination signify the business of the coaching company Thomas Sewerin AB.

And there is also a biographical note to this symbol. For many years in his youth Thomas Sewerin nurtured a wish to become an archaeologist, specialising in Mediterranean archaeology. He studied Ancient Greek, and even began to read cuneiform writing and the Egyptian hieroglyphs. Much later this desire and inclination was sublimated into approaching team environments in organisations with the purpose of change and learning. If every team is unique and all teams are stories, there needs to be some kind of competence to interpret the text of the team, and investigating its history to understand the story. In this sense coaching teams entails a bit of an archaeological mindset.